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G’day, My name is Arthur, and I’ve been a Christian since August 11 1991.
Music has always been a part of me for as long I can remember, and I’m currently active in the music team at my church (Church In The Valley) in Ellenbrook Western Australia.
I play guitar, the odd percussion, and also get to sing, and have sung a few of my songs during 2013.
I liked quite a lot of the praise and worship songs that were around between the Hymns of the Faith and the rise of Hillsong and the New Worship, so you will see that influence in the songs I share in this site.
I have just put together a 12 song EP cd (Sounds Eclectic), and dvd (Looks Eclectic). All the 7 vocal tracks from these projects are shared here on this site. The recordings also feature myself on keyboards, djembe, bodhran and kalimba in addition to guitar, vocals and percussion (tambourine/sound egg shaker).
I’m mostly just a musician (Acoustic Guitar/Percussion) and back-up singer at Gracelife Church in Ellenbrook Western Australia, as well as being one of the leaders of a junior youth group.
These songs/choruses are just bits and pieces that the Lord has laid on my heart to share.
May these songs touch you as much as the Lord inspired me to write them.
God Bless,
Email: madcat71@iinet.net.au
Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/arthurmorgan

(Note: In communicating with Arthur I found that he is currently recording on a mobile phone. I also learned that his songs are meant to be the seeds for “Praise and Worship Choruses”. Downloading his songs and lyrics with chords will give you the basis for some excellent choruses. – Carl)