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Carl J. Schroeder, 68, the owner of this website passed into the arms of our Lord just after midnight on Saturday, October 1st, 2016 after a 7 1/2 month battle with lung cancer.  He was my dear friend and will be missed beyond imagination.  I will do my best to learn how to update this site, but this process will take a little bit of time.  Thank you for your patience and God Bless!
Russell Poulin (New website manager)


Full-time cabinetmaker, part-time songwriter, Maine resident. Creator of this site. I hope you find my music inspirational, thought provoking and entertaining.

I’ve been writing Christian music for over 25 years, but rarely had any opportunity to share it. Being handicapped by not being able to play or sing on any kind of acceptable performance level, the music sat in a file cabinet. Over the past few years, God opened the door to sharing as technology provided tools for composition and recording that were within the reach of a modest budget. I could now create professional looking sheet music and the computer would graciously play my creations, albeit a little too perfectly and without the nuances of human expression.

Still being hampered by my lack of talent, God again took pity and connected me with Russell and Diane, two wonderful people from our church, who were willing to volunteer their vocal talents to a recording project. The music came to life! We agreed up front that the music would be freely shared. The two CDs that we produced have been freely distributed, with the suggestion that people could make an extra donation to their church or favorite Christian charity.

For a time, I had been feeling that I wanted to create a website for sharing the music that God had given me and was certain that there were other songwriters out there with a need to share and a willingness to do it freely. In 2013 the website became a reality and continues to evolve and grow.

Thanks for visiting! I pray that you will find music here that will provide a blessing!

God Bless!

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