About EA Matthews

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EA Matthews began pursuing a life of full time ministry after she finished high school. She went to Highlands college in Birmingham, Alabama where she studied music in the worship program and graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry. After graduating from ministry school, she moved to London, England and interned at a church called Catch the Fire for two years.

During her stay, she helped with CTF’s worship department as well as their school of ministry. She moved back to America to get married and started working with her husband at a church in Augusta, Georgia. While they were in Augusta, EA and her husband Carter worked with the worship department as well as produced, recorded and wrote songs for New Life church. They are currently living in Atlanta, Georgia working part time in ministry and part time music.

Within the world of music, writing songs is where EA’s heart connects the most. Lyrics are her favorite part in songs. She started writing worship music during her first year of ministry school in 2012. Her goals in songwriting are to bring freedom, deeper encounter, and a deeper revelation of Jesus, God the Father and Holy Spirit. Theology and sound doctrine are main points from where her writing derives from and conveying the truth biblically is what she aims for.

Email: eamatthewsmusic@gmail.com
Website: http://eamatthews.com