About Freddy Gonzalez

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My name is Freddy Gonzalez and I am a singer-songwriter from Upstate, NY. I’ve been a Christian since I was seventeen years old, and I see the love and goodness of God all around me. As years fly by, I have learned something. There are significant, sacred moments in life that can be easily missed if we’re not careful. So, I pay attention. I try my best to catch those moments, and when I am fortunate, those moments turn into songs.

My song, “Show You” depicts a person knocking on the door of a friend who is troubled. The message of the song is show love to others beyond Facebook likes and emojis. My hope is to inspire listeners to think of people in their lives that they could reach out to. “Love not in word only, but in deed and in truth.” I hope you like it.

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