About Gregg Geil

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I am a Texas native now living with my wife in Chattanooga.

“I’ve Been Prayed For” is a joyful, hand-clapping, piano-pounding gospel song celebrating the strength and rebirth experienced when the singer learns he’s been prayed for – and promises to pass along that same power of prayer.

The genesis of this song was my diagnosis with cancer and the major surgery that ensued. People kept telling me that they prayed for me – not “I’ll pray for you” – but specifics on how, when, and where they prayed for me, often involving other people I didn’t even know, many in distant states. I was touched and humbled by the grace of friends, family, and strangers. I am also cancer-free now, and I want others to know the blessing I received by being prayed for.

Email: grgeil123@gmail.com
REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/spicewoodcrossing/songs
Favorite Charity: https://www.csarmy.org/ (Salvation Army – Chattanooga)