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My name is Jeremy and I wasn’t always a singer and producer. I used to be a Regional Director of Operations and covered four states. I was living the dream.

I had over 600 people that I was responsible for. In a worldly view I had it made, a great job with a company vehicle making over $150000 a year, no debt and everything was perfect. The only problem was that my hope was in me, everything I did was pretty much for myself. I was very selfish. I started using drugs and partying and going to the casinos. Living my life the way I wanted started catching up with me. My performance at work wasn’t up to par with where it needed to be, I was in a long distance relationship that was suffering, I was very distant with my family and friends and the worst thing was I basically had no spiritual life what so ever.

In November of 2014 my life spiraled out of control. I overdosed on drugs and was taken to the hospital. On the way to the hospital I stopped breathing and went unconscious. I woke up 36 hours later to a respirator and 3 broken ribs from chest compressions. I was completely disoriented and hallucinating. The past year God started speaking to me and laid upon my heart a song that He wanted me to create. After I overdosed I was at a total loss, I hit rock bottom and had no idea what I was going to do. I was desperate and lonely.

For the past year my focus has been on following God and following the plan that He has placed before me. My hope is now in Jesus. It is my sincere hope that you or someone you may know may benefit from my testimony.

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