About Mark Ruppert

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I have been involved in music one way or the other since I was around 9 years old. When I was eighteen I was introduced to Jesus and gave my life over to Him. Since then I been in several small-time bands and have played in Churches and parks, nothing fancy. I’ve always preferred to create and perform my own songs rather than playing others creations; I enjoy putting to song things I’ve personally experienced.
Over the years I’ve gotten away from writing and playing the guitar, due to focusing on other aspects of life (raising children and earning a living), but I have recently picked up the guitar again and am enjoying it in a more relaxed way. I also found some old recordings of my music (on cassette tapes) and am in the process of converting the recordings to MP3 to preserve my work for my kids. I am also interested in simply sharing my work with others as well – I believe there is a message to be heard in them from things I’ve experienced and that have helped my walk with the Lord.

Email: barbandmark2@aol.com
Favorite Charity: https://www.springsrescuemission.org/ (Springs Rescue Mission)