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Vietnam Veteran. Was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2005, told I had 3 months to live and must have it cut out (and radiation and chemo) I chose not to have my voice box cut out and through God’s guidance was cured just the same. I vowed to write an album and to start a feeding ministry in the Philippines. The album “War Torn Years” is dedicated to Vietnam Veterans. There are two songs I wrote that are Christian in theme; “Searching for Something” (autobiographical) and “Hope is the Answer”. (the former is not on the album). God has blessed me with my, now, wife, whom I met in the Philippines, and my two young children (8 and 4 as of May 15, 2017).

To learn more about him, visit his Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/tomyarborough

Email: feedmindanaochildren@yahoo.com
Favorite Charity: http://www.feedmindanaochildren.webs.com
(Walk THY Talk Ministry)