About Walter Greenleaf

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SINGER/SONG WRITER/GUITARIST Walter was 48 years old when he was saved and he is 76 now in 2014. When he was saved, he was filled  with the Holy Spirit and fire and sang in tongues (1Corinthians 14, Mark 16:15-20).  As the Word is sung,  preached, and taught, signs and wonders will follow (Mark 16:20). Walter ministers with his wife Diane. He teaches and sings and she preaches. Diane is heard with Walter  in some of the songs on the ”Tribute to Tina” album. Tina was Diane’s daughter. BOB TETREAULT – RADIO EVANGELIST Bob Tetreault has shared God’s Word for many years in jails and in churches. Since 1994, he has led an  evangelistic radio/internet ministry called Roadmap to Heaven.

Website: http://www.Roadmaptoheaven.net