As songwriters, we are all interested in knowing what happens to our creations once we’ve set them free. Please consider providing feedback to the songwriters, to let them know how you intend to use their music. Some form of contact information should be available for each songwriter.

The following will take you to original Christian music submitted to this site. Names are in order of their first submission, so the newest first-time submitters are at the bottom of the page.
(Click on a name to go to their music page or click on “about” to learn more about the songwriter)
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Carl Schroeder (Last Update 06/14/16) About Carl
Diane Webber-Rawson (Last Update 10/25/14) About Diane
CJ Faris (Last Update 05/28/18) About CJ
Lisa Gallant Seal (Last Update 10/18/13) About Lisa
Susanne DeGrasse (Last Update 05/26/16) About Susanne
Mark Smithey (Last Update 03/16/15) About Mark
Arthur Morgan (Last Update 03/24/17) About Arthur
Blesson Varghese (Last Update 07/20/16) About Blesson
Dorothy L. Herbert (Last Update 08/15/14) About Dorothy
John G. Babine Sr. (Last Update 08/21/14) About John
Scott Briggs (Last Update 08/06/15) About Scott
Kent Flowers (Last Update 12/12/14) About Kent
Walter Greenleaf (Last Update 12/29/14) About Walter
Jerry Segretto (Last Update 01/10/15) About Jerry
Josh and Lauren Travers (Last Update 12/03/15) About Josh & Lauren
Dean Caffee (Last Update 03/01/15) About Dean
Jason Hinton (Last Update 05/27/15) About Jason
Kelly Manu (Last Update 07/17/15) About Kelly
Russell Poulin (Last Update 09/09/15) About Russell
Benjamin Harrell (Last Update 12/06/17) About Benjamin
Elizabeth Blankenship (Last Update 10/07/15) About Elizabeth
Craig Perkins (Last update 01/07/16) About Craig
Scott McGough (Last update 11/08/15) About Scott
The Goldilocks Enigma (Last Update 01/13/16) About The Goldilocks Enigma
Jeremy Robin (Last Update 01/27/16) About Jeremy
Jeanette Parsadanian (Last Update 01/27/16) About Jeanette
Renee Clonts (Last Update 03/10/16) About Renee
Jean Atkins-Snyder (Last Update 06/23/16) About Jean
Gary Mathis (Last Update 08/17/16) About Gary
Nick and Kathleen Chokas (Created on 03/25/17) About Nick & Kat
Megan Odland (Created on 05/12/17) About Megan
Jason Silver (Created on 05/14/17) About Jason
Rob Saranpa (Created on 05/24/17) About Rob
Thomas Yarborough (Created on 06/07/17) About Thomas
Evan Curtin (Last Update 01/20/18) About Evan
Daniel Ayisi (Created on 06/19/17) About Daniel
Aaron Graham (Created on 06/22/17) About Aaron
Grace Jester (Created on 08/02/17) About Grace
Drew Collins (Created on 08/21/17) About Drew
Tarrance Phillips (Created on 10/05/17) About Tarrance
Answer Sopher (Created on 10/08/17) About Answer
George Hoar (Last Update 10/04/18) About George
Zach Crider (Created on 12/16/17) About Zach
Debi Irene Wahl (Created on 12/23/17) About Debi
Lee McIntyre (Last Update 09/02/18) About Lee
Allan Licht (Created on 02/10/18) About Allan
Josiah Williams (Last Update 03/11/18) About Josiah
James Sundquist (Created on 03/11/18) About James
Adrian Brooks (Created on 03/11/18) About Adrian
Nadiem Musleh (Created on 05/06/18) About Nadiem
Chris Kardiac & Derrick Marquis (Created on 05/06/18) About Chris & Derrick
Sulad Jhun Cardeinte (Last Update 11/10/18) About Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
Simon Parry (Created on 05/13/18) About Simon Parry
Innocent Nwokenta (Created on 06/10/18) About Innocent Nwokenta
Stephon Ward (Created on 09/23/18) About Stephon Ward
Jus Delon (Last Update 11/08/18) About Jus Delon
Vertical Perspective (Created on 11/10/18) About Vertical Perspective
Peter Byron (Last Update 01/01/19) About Peter Byron
Damien Spenser (Created on 12/02/18) About Damien Spenser
Hayley Adesina (Created on 01/04/19) About Hayley Adesina
Ray W Smith (Created on 01/05/19) About Ray W Smith
John Cline (Created on 01/21/19) About John Cline
EA Matthews (Created on 01/26/19) About EA Matthews