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The following information describes the guidelines for submitting music (MP3 files and/or sheet music) and/or booking information:

All postings to this site will be at the discretion of the site owner.

Please consider all copyright restrictions and permissions you might wish to apply before submitting, by visiting

Audio Files

This site accepts audio files in the MP3 format only. Compositions must be original work; you must own the rights and be legally entitled to share the work. (Accompaniment tracks may also be included for any song that you submit.) The work must be recognizable as Christian music, conveying a clearly Christian message. Instrumental tracks suitable for meditation and prayer will be considered. If posted, you agree that your music will be freely shared for online listening and downloading. You may also provide a link to your own website, Facebook Page or other social media dedicated to your music ministry.

Once accepted for posting, a page will be created for your music and your name will be added to “Songwriters and Their Music” page with a link to your individual page, where your submissions will be posted. An additional “About” page will be created for a description of you , your music and your ministry.

Sheet Music

If you wish to provide sheet music to accompany your song, or as a stand-alone submission it can be submitted as a PDF file and will be posted with the song, or on its own. The same sharing conditions apply as for audio files.

Go to “Music Submissions Form” 

Note: If you wish to make a submission, but can’t supply MP3 versions of your music or PDF files of your sheet music, email me at: and we’ll see what we can work out. I have made file conversions for some folks and would be happy to try and help.

Booking Info

A section of this site is devoted to providing booking information for Christian performers and groups. Submit your contact info and description by using the ‘Booking Submissions Form”

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