The following individuals or groups have provided booking information:

Hayley AdesinaI am a Gospel Worship Singer/Songwriter who has compassion to share the gospel with others through my songs. I am purpose driven and have passion in and through music. I have experience of singing in RCCG church choir in Belfast and Baptist Custom house in London.

My single Where Would I Be Without You Lord , was released October 2018, I got the inspiration to write and preform this song through my own experiences and personal relationship with God and what he has done in my life, I produced this song at Broadwater studios. My other single God You Are Good, was released December 2018, This song is testifying how good God is and spreading the message with others, I also had this song produced at Broadwater Studios. I also recently released another song March 2019, Only You Are Holy , this song is to get people in a deeper state of worship and focus on the heaven, the song was produced in Apple tree Studios, My newest song Your Name is Yahweh is song I got inspiration to write through a challenging season and a word from Holy Spirit.

My style of music is contemporary Gospel, with worship and praise songs. I write all my own lyrics through the inspiration of the Holy spirit and the life experiences I have had in my christian faith. My passion and focus is to tell people about God through my ministry and see the transformation in people’s lives, and bring people into the presence of God and lead them in to worship.

Glory be to God, Where Would I Be Without You Lord and God You Are Good were both submitted into AStepFWD UK Christian charts. I have been interviewed recently by Kingdom radio and Haleluah De Gospel Show with my new release Your Name is Yahweh is out in all music stores.

I am also planning to bring out EP soon with be a mix of my songs, and do a launch for this by His Grace. For booking information call (074) 486-7905 or Email her.

Gabriel Monteiro-Gomes (LLC Flame)Hi, I am 15 years old and my brother is 12! I’ve been producing christian rap music for two years! Our performances are very fun. For booking information call (909) 704-1275 or Email him.

Mike VargasI was born and raised in South Philadelphia, the youngest son of the first Puerto Rican Mummer. My family is musically and artistically gifted on both my parents side. As a small child I idolized my older brother Eddie and wanted to be like him, who played harmonica and percussion. I wanted to play harmonica like my brother, so at the age of six I hounded my mother to no avail till she got me a harmonica, I have played that instrument since. Later I taught my self guitar, flute,recorder, pan pipe and other things, My music is a mixture of the different musical styles that I was raised with, Rock, Blues, with a little string band sound thrown in for flavor. For booking information call (267) 979-9903 or Email him. Visit his Website.

Robert BeaconAn acoustic slide guitarist and vocalist performing old time Gospel Spirituals from the 1920’s-1940’s. For booking information call (336) 817-6321 or Email him. Visit his Website.

Heavenly SoundPresenting a “Multi Genre Christian Music Experience” featuring music for all ages, including Contemporary, Worship, Celtic and Traditional. A vocal trio with a unique variety of instruments. Based in central Maine. For booking information call: Ralph Cheney at 207-404-9410 or Rae Gagne at 207-737-9183. Visit their Facebook page.

The Campbells We’re a family based Southern Gospel group that’s traveled throughout the United States & Canada since the early 1960’s. Visit our Website.

Jerry Segretto – I have been a songwriter since I was sixteen years old. 4 years ago I had an epiphany that led me to De Haven Baptist church in La Grange Ky. With the fellowship I found there my life was changed through the power of the Holy Spirit. Not long after I was baptized my focus changed to writing music to praise our Lord. This gift that My Lord has blessed me is my way to spread the good news of Christ our Savior and how he can work in anyones life that accepts him. I am living proof of that. God Bless all of those people in my life that have mentored me and helped me understand the gift of salvation.
I play guitar and sing.. I can be reached via Email. My songs I give freely to be shared with anyone that will listen. Praise The Lord our God who all the glory is given. Please visit my Website.

Scott McGough – Songs from the Heart for God, an original acoustical journey of Gods love through music and song. Open for all occasions and anywhere… contact Scott McGough by calling 720-251-5280 or Email him.