Song List

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Song Title Duration Artist(s)
A Change of Heart 3:35 Diane Webber-Rawson
A Faithful Beat 2:00 Evan Curtin
A Greater Love 3:57 Larry Hicks
A Mighty Straight Line 4:02 Debi Irene Wahl
Ain’t Gonna Be Down 3:30 John Babine Sr.
All Creation Sings 3:40 Mark Smithey
All I Am 2:30 C.J. Faris
All That Matters 3:22 Diane Webber-Rawson
Always There 4:58 Benjamin Harrel
Always Yours 6:45 Josh and Lauren Travers
Angel Horizon 1:19 Peter Byron
Angels 2:45 C.J. Faris
Anticipation 2:18 Jean Atkins-Snyder
Are You Ready? 3:04 Carl Schroeder
Are You Tired of Heartache and Sin? 5:45 Walter Greenleaf
Arise O Children of God 2:34 Susanne DeGrasse
As Far As The Heavens Above 0:55 Arthur Morgan
Asking Directions 2:26 C.J. Faris
Authority of The Believer 3:51 Dante Dupuy
Be Still 3:08 Susanne DeGrasse
Be The Ruler Of My Heart 0:41 Arthur Morgan
Beat Of My Heart 4:14 John Babine Sr.
Because You Loved Me 3:29 Blesson Varghese
Belief 2:24 Lee McIntyre
Believe 1:37 Jean Atkins-Snyder
Better Get Ready 1:02 Arthur Morgan
Beyond The Horizon 3:12 Allan Licht
Bless the Lord 4:34 Mark Smithey
Blessing 2:43 Jean Atkins-Snyder
Blues for the Blessed 4:43 Evan Curtin
Born Today 3:24 Carl Schroeder
Botch 3:30 Josiah Williams
Bountiful Harvest 1:56 C.J. Faris
Break Through 3:15 Craig Perkins
Bright Shining Warrior 3:39 Grace Jester
Brokenhearted 4:31 Scott Briggs
Bye And Bye I’m Goin’ To See The King 3:26 Robert Beacon
Calm Light 3:30 Jean Atkins-Snyder
Calvary Chant 3:39 Drew Collins
Caravan 5:40 James Sundquist
Chance 7:06 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
Changing Direction 4:01 Lisa Gallant Seal
Chosen 3:11 Carl Schroeder
Chosen 3:47 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
Chosen Road 3:13 Lee McIntyre
Christ is My Savior 3:39 Carl Schroeder
Christmas Is Forever 5:03 Susanne DeGrasse
Christmas Song 2:31 Carl Schroeder
City of David 3:26 Carl Schroeder
Come Down Oh Love Divine 2:23 C.J. Faris
Come On Everybody Now, Lift Jesus’ Name 0:58 Arthur Morgan
Come So Far 2:48 Jus Delon
Come to Him 2:36 Kelly Manu
Come To The Cross 4:24 The Outreath
Come To The Lord 2:46 Peter Byron
Come Together 2:41 Scott McGough
Contemplation 1:49 Jean Atkins-Snyder
Cotton Candy Wind 4:35 Lisa Gallant Seal
Could You? He did 3:40 Evan Curtin
Creator of Life 4:33 Mark Smithey
Creator Redeemer Lord 2:35 Mark Smithey
Creed 3:19 Adrian Brooks
Cry Out 3:47 Aaron Graham
Dad’s Song 4:50 Mark Smithey
Dawning of the New Day 3:05 Scott McGough
Death Could Not Hold Him Down 1:04 Arthur Morgan
Destiny 2:50 Jean Atkins-Snyder
Digging Up Bones 3:13 Stephon Ward
Divine Guiding Hand 4:48 John Babine Sr.
Do You Believe It? 3:19 Kent Flowers
Do You Know Him? 3:27 Jerry Segretto
Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled 0:53 Arthur Morgan
Don’t Lose Hope 4:10 Mark Smithey
Don’t Trust Yer Lust 3:39 Evan Curtin
Down On My Knees 3:53 Mark Smithey
Doxology A Sacrifice of Praise 5:06 Mark Smithey
Eloi 4:02 Debi Irene Wahl
Emmanuel 4:17 Zach Crider
End Of Fight 3:58 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
Ere 3:16 Oluchi Edmund
Every Breath 3:50 John Babine Sr.
Every Breath 4:04 Bryan Stewart
Every Eye Shall See Him Coming in the Clouds 4:19 Walter Greenleaf
Face To Face 3:03 Diane Webber-Rawson
Faithful 3:31 C.J. Faris
Far Away 3:45 Emanuel Sanni
Father Take My Hand 4:20 Susanne DeGrasse
Tears 5:01 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
Father We Love You 0:44 Arthur Morgan
Father’s Day (My Superman) 4:52 Rob Saranpa
Fill Us With Your Spirit 0:38 Arthur Morgan
Find Me 3:36 Amelia Maharaj
Fish Out of Water 3:27 Lisa Gallant Seal
For Our Sake 5:25 Susanne DeGrasse
Found 4:26 Josh & Brianna Stevenson
Git-R-Man 4:17 John Babine Sr.
Give Him Praise 5:09 Benjamin Harrel
Give It a Rest in Jesus 3:23 Norm Sahm
Give Thanks Unto The Lord 0:43 Arthur Morgan
Give Us A Vision Of Your Son 0:38 Arthur Morgan
Givin up Revenge 2:16 Evan Curtin
Glory, Glory 3:59 John Babine Sr.
God Is Faithful 4:00 Vertical Perspective
God Is Love 4:08 Susanne DeGrasse
God My Everything 3:27 Susanne DeGrasse
God So Loved The World 0:44 Arthur Morgan
God You Are Good 3:08 Hayley Adesina
God’s Love 4:50 Susanne DeGrasse
God’s Love 4:13 Ray W Smith
Going Back Home To The Lord 1:46 Peter Byron
Hallelujah 4:30 Benjamin Harrell
Hallelujah (God and Man) 1:36 Arthur Morgan
Hallelujah What A Savior 3:47 Vertical Perspective
Harden Not Your Heart 3:46 Susanne DeGrasse
Have You Been Born Again, Do You Know Jesus? 4:27 Walter Greenleaf
Have Your Way In Me 1:09 Arthur Morgan
He Comes in the Clouds 6:10 Walter Greenleaf
He Has Risen 6:01 Susanne DeGrasse
He is My Captain 3:08 Walter Greenleaf
He Is the Messiah 0:58 Arthur Morgan
He Loves Us So 4:58 Tarrance Phillips
He Says… Here I Am 3:47 John Cline
He Says Come 4:06 Susanne DeGrasse
He’s Alive 0:32 Arthur Morgan
He’s Alive 3:07 Kelly Manu
He’s Bringing Love 3:46 Renee Clonts
He’s Changing My Life 3:22 Mark Ruppert
He’s the God of 3:14 Kelly Manu
He’s the Resurrection and the Life 0:38 Arthur Morgan
Hear My Cry 3:38 Blesson Varghese
Hear My Cry Oh Lord 4:12 Ray W Smith
Help is On the Way 3:46 Scott McGough
Help Me Hold On 3:49 Mark Smithey
Hem of His Garment 4:50 Susanne DeGrasse
Here I Am Again 3:57 Mark Smithey
Higher and Higher 4:50 Susanne DeGrasse
His Kindness Will Still Remain 0:53 Arthur Morgan
His Name is Worthy to be Praised 3:17 Diane Webber-Rawson
Hold My Heart 4:03 Simon Parry
Hold On 4:52 Allan Licht
Hope Alive 2:36 Evan Curtin
Hope Stands Firm 3:38 Blesson Varghese
How Far is Heaven? 0:38 Arthur Morgan
How Great Thou Art 5:46 Ray W Smith
Hypocrisy 3:25 Lee McIntyre
I Am 2:27 Carl Schroeder
I Am But a Child 2:56 C.J. Faris
I Am Here 6:16 Susanne DeGrasse
I Am Who God Says I Am 3:20 Scott McGough
I Believe In The Name Of Jesus 0:59 Arthur Morgan
I Come to Thee 4:23 Kelly Manu
I Di Mma 3:26 Oluchi Edmund
I Don’t Mind 2:39 C.J. Faris
I Know 3:20 Nadiem Musleh
I Know 4:22 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
I Know Where I’m Going 3:21 Diane Webber-Rawson
I Love You Anyway 5:36 Megan Odland
I Love You For Who You Are 3:18 Jeanette Parsadanian
I Thank You Jesus 4:30 One More Block
I Waited For The Lord 0:34 Arthur Morgan
I Want Jesus To Walk With Me 2:04 Robert Beacon
I Want More 4:07 Emanuel Sanni
I Want to Worship You 3:22 Walter Greenleaf
I Will See You in Beulah Land 5:45 Mark Smithey
If I Were a Wiseman 4:57 Susanne DeGrasse
If The Son Has Set You Free 0:37 Arthur Morgan
I’m So Ready 3:29 Jus Delon
In a Manger 6:26 Jerry Segretto
In All Things 3:59 Josh & Brianna Stevenson
In Bethlehem 4:04 Carl Schroeder
In His Image 3:21 Carl Schroeder
In Our Midst 4:01 Susanne DeGrasse
In Praise of Jesus 3:40 Susanne DeGrasse
In The Town Of Bethlehem 0:59 Arthur Morgan
In the Twinkling of an Eye 3:45 Diane Webber-Rawson
In the Waters of Jesus 3:27 Gary Mathis
Incredible 3:00 The Outreath
Instrumental to No One 4:27 The Goldilocks Enigma
Isaiah 12 2:59 Susanne DeGrasse
It’s a Matter of the Heart 4:29 Mark Smithey
It’s Amazing 3:25 Jerry Segretto
I’ve Been Prayed For 2:01 Gregg Geil
Jesus and the Law 4:39 Evan Curtin
Jesus at Your Name 1:38 Arthur Morgan
Jesus Came To Rescue Me 0:46 Arthur Morgan
Jesus Did 3:11 Carl Schroeder
Jesus is Our Heavenly Home 3:35 Norm Sahm
Jesus Is Our Victory 0:32 Arthur Morgan
Jesus is the High Priest 2:47 Jeanette Parsadanian
Jesus Walks With Me 2:20 Jerry Segretto
Jesus You’re My Everything 0:55 Arthur Morgan
Jesus, Friend and King 0:34 Arthur Morgan
Jesus, I’m Comin’ 3:30 Debi Irene Wahl
Jesus, No Other Name 1:13 Arthur Morgan
John 3:16 2:39 Carl Schroeder
Joyful Noise 2:46 Carl Schroeder
Know the Mystery 4:29 Mark Smithey
Last Night I Dreamed 3:53 Carl Schroeder
Lead Me to the Rock 3:29 Norm Sahm
Lead Me, Oh Lord 3:45 Walter Greenleaf
Lead Us Lord 1:32 Arthur Morgan
Let the People Praise Thee, O God 3:11 Walter Greenleaf
Let Us Adore Him 6:23 Susanne DeGrasse
Let Your Glory Fill The Earth 1:02 Arthur Morgan
Life’s Big Storm 5:02 John Babine Sr.
Lift Your Hands And Sing 0:36 Arthur Morgan
Like A Rushing Mighty Wind 2:40 Jeanette Parsadanian
Like a Shepherd 3:22 Norm Sahm
Little Swingin’ Chair 3:05 Debi Irene Wahl
Lord Have Mercy 2:39 Robert Beacon
Lord Jesus, Thanks For Saving Me 4:05 Allan Licht
Lord My God How Great Thou Art 3:43 Dean Caffee
Lord of My Heart 5:53 Levi Maxwell
Lord You Are The Pearl 2:25 Craig Perkins
Louder 4:38 Katie Braswell
Love Came Down 4:32 Renee Clonts
Love Like You 4:58 Blesson Varghese
Love Shine 3:24 Carl Schroeder
Love the Lord 0:30 Arthur Morgan
Magic Prophecy 4:37 Adrian Brooks
Mercy Rises 3:43 Renee Clonts
Mighty God 2:37 Carl Schroeder
Mission Song 3:57 John Babine Sr.
Misty Cloud 3:20 Jean Atkins-Snyder
Moment Away 4:21 Simon Parry
More and More 3:45 Josiah Williams
More of You 3:25 Blesson Varghese
Muzzled With Silence 4:54 The Goldilocks Enigma
My God, My God 4:06 Susanne DeGrasse
My Love for the Lord, A Conversion 4:18 Russell Poulin
My Prayer 6:15 Mark Smithey
Never 3:23 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
No Divorce of Course 2:41 Evan Curtin
No Greater Love 4:16 Susanne DeGrasse
No Raca 5:01 Evan Curtin
No Vow No How 2:46 Evan Curtin
Nothing Can Separate 4:15 Norm Sahm
Now What 4:50 The Goldilocks Enigma
O Give Thanks Unto the Lord 2:23 Jeanette Parsadanian
Oh Heavenly Father 4:48 Elizabeth Blankenship
On a Hillside 2:59 C.J. Faris
On The Floor Of Heaven 4:53 EA Matthews
One God 3:24 Carl Schroeder
One Good God 3:50 Dean Caffee
One Solitary Life 4:52 Susanne DeGrasse
One Step at a Time 4:29 Mark Smithey
Only God’s Mercy 4:50 Susanne DeGrasse
Only Path 4:19 Cassandra Logan
Open Doors 4:17 Benjamin Harrel
Open Up My Heart Oh Lord 3:12 Jeanette Parsadanian
Open Your Heart to the Lord 2:24 Jerry Segretto
Our Christmas Song 4:42 George Hoar
Our Father Who Art in Heaven 4:33 Walter Greenleaf
Pains To Joy Chorus 0:56 Blesson Varghese
Paradise 4:02 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
Peaceful Blue 2:24 Jean Atkins-Snyder
Perfect 2:42 Diane Webber-Rawson
Persuaded 4:17 Renee Clonts
Power Worship Medley 8:14 Nick & Kathleen Chokas
Praise Him 3:24 Jason Hinton
Praise Him In Prayer 3:27 Jerry Segretto
Praise the Lord (Psalm 117) 0:41 Arthur Morgan
Praise, Honor & Glory 6:00 John Babine Sr.
Pray For Redemption 3:23 Peter Byron
Prayer 2:00 Jason Hinton
Prepare Ye 3:21 Susanne DeGrasse
Press On 2:50 Susanne DeGrasse
Psalm 23 2:56 Carl Schroeder
Psalm 23 4:39 Craig Perkins
Psalm 54 3:21 Jason Silver
Psalm 96 3:12 Susanne DeGrasse
Psong 150 – Praise Hymn 3:44 Evan Curtin
Psong 23 – Not Awantin 2:51 Evan Curtin
Psong 27 – Give Me Peace Lord 4:16 Evan Curtin
Psong 30 – Gotta Savor the Favor 4:04 Evan Curtin
Put On the Armor 3:26 Susanne DeGrasse
Putting My Trust In You Lord 1:01 Arthur Morgan
Raise Your Hands 4:27 Dean Caffee
Rebirth 2:47 Scott Briggs
Rejoice 4:38 Susanne DeGrasse
Rekindle 2:47 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
Rest In Me 4:50 Susanne DeGrasse
Returning 4:32 Susanne DeGrasse
Rich in Love 2:24 Evan Curtin
Riding On 4:24 The Goldilocks Enigma
Rio to Freo 0:32 Arthur Morgan
Risen Man 2:59 Diane Webber-Rawson
Rock Of My Refuge 4:58 Oluchi Edmund
Rock of My Salvation 3:04 Susanne DeGrasse
Rock of Our Salvation 0:53 Arthur Morgan
Rockin’ Your Enemies with Love 2:54 Evan Curtin
Runnin 4:27 Chris Kardiac & Derrick Marquis
Running In The Spirit 3:09 James Sundquist
Salt and Light 3:55 Evan Curtin
Satan Take a Hike 3:20 Carl Schroeder
Saved By Your Grace 2:39 Gary Mathis
Search Me, Oh God 4:13 Walter Greenleaf
Searching For Something 3:28 Thomas Yarborough
Service Of The King 4:03 James Sundquist
Sheltering You 3:11 Diane Webber-Rawson
Show Me Thy Way 3:48 John Babine Sr.
Show You 3:41 Freddy Gonzalez
Sing Praise 0:56 Arthur Morgan
Sing Praise 2:29 Susanne DeGrasse
Sing Praises 2:54 Carl Schroeder
So Very Long Ago 3:49 Susanne DeGrasse
Something Beautiful 3:40 Carl Schroeder
Something Special 3:08 Lee McIntyre
Song of Love 2:54 Diane Webber-Rawson
Song of My Heart 5:00 Keith Brown
Soon One Mornin’ 3:23 Robert Beacon
Speak to Me 4:13 Mark Smithey
Spontaneous Song To Intercessors 6:04 Craig Perkins
Storms of Life 3:08 The Outreath
Sunday Christian 2:41 Carl Schroeder
Sunshine While Smiling 3:26 The Goldilocks Enigma
Surrender 4:50 Susanne DeGrasse
Surrender (I Give You My All) 3:22 Mark Smithey
Sweet Jesus 4:08 Gary Mathis
Take My Hand 2:39 Walter Greenleaf
Ten to the Why 7:09 The Goldilocks Enigma
Thank God I’m Saved 3:15 Walter Greenleaf
Thank God I’m Saved 2:07 Walter Greenleaf
Thank You 4:11 Simon Parry
The Birth of our Lord 2:19 Peter Byron
The Bridge 3:17 Diane Webber-Rawson
The Christ Messiah 3:35 Dean Caffee
The Gentleman 3:25 C.J. Faris
The Gift In The Manger 2:37 Diane Webber-Rawson
The Great Exchange 4:21 Mark Smithey
The Holy Spirit Has Come Down and I See Jesus 3:31 Walter Greenleaf
The Light of the World 3:19 Walter Greenleaf
The Light of the World 3:41 Walter Greenleaf
The Lord’s Arms 5:00 Craig Perkins
The Lord’s Battle Plan 2:47 Dorothy L. Herbert
The Lord’s Prayer 1:45 Carl Schroeder
The Maker’s Blessings on to Me 6:12 Damien Spenser
The Memories Live On 2:52 Keith Brown
The Morning Song 3:22 Mark Smithey
The Nativity 4:38 Susanne DeGrasse
The News Is Out 3:02 Walter Greenleaf
The Ocean Song 3:09 Diane Webber-Rawson
The Promise 4:10 Scott Briggs
The Shepherd’s Story 5:15 Susanne DeGrasse
The Story Of When 2:54 Lee McIntyre
The Tomb is Empty 3:15 Carl Schroeder
The Way 2:12 Arthur Morgan
There is a Child 2:30 Carl Schroeder
There is a Land 3:14 Jeanette Parsadanian
There Is A Love 1:06 Arthur Morgan
These Three Things 3:57 Dean Caffee
This Is the Day 3:03 Susanne DeGrasse
Thou Shalt Do His Will 3:14 Walter Greenleaf
Time To Deliver 3:44 Damien Spenser
To He Who Is Able 3:57 Carl Schroeder
Together As One 3:51 George Hoar
Tribute to Tina 7:12 Walter Greenleaf
Troubles Weigh A Ton 3:16 Robert Beacon
Two or More of You 2:07 Diane Webber-Rawson
Two Thieves 2:42 Diane Webber-Rawson
Watch What Happens 4:01 Kelly Manu
Water Ripples 4:46 Jean Atkins-Snyder
We Are Your Voice 5:11 Norm Sahm
We Fix Our Eyes 1:11 Arthur Morgan
We Shall Be Healed 2:45 C.J. Faris
What A Friend 3:44 Innocent Nwokenta
What a Savior Indeed 3:29 Diane Webber-Rawson
What Do I Know 4:22 Lee McIntyre
What Is His Name? 4:06 Dean Caffee
What Is Our Purpose? 1:09 Arthur Morgan
When Angels Cry 4:45 Jeremy Robin
Where Would I Be Without You 4:43 Hayley Adesina
Whisper 2:30 Carl Schroeder
Who Is He To You? 1:40 Arthur Morgan
Why 3:41 Sulad Jhun Cardeinte
Wings 2:43 Carl Schroeder
Wished I Was In Heaven Sitting Down 2:43 Robert Beacon
With Our Mouths We Confess 0:44 Arthur Morgan
Wonderful Drink 5:12 Daniel Ayisi
Wonderland 5:53 Michael Sangster
Wrap Me in Your Love 2:34 Carl Schroeder
Yadah Yeshua – Praise Jesus 4:31 Lee McIntyre
You Alone 3:01 Susanne DeGrasse
You Are My Rock 1:05 Arthur Morgan
You Are There 3:16 Carl Schroeder
You Are With Me 6:02 Josh and Lauren Travers
You Are Writing A Gospel 3:30 Craig Perkins
You Came Down From Heaven 1:07 Arthur Morgan
You Can Make It Through the Day 5:42 Mark Smithey
You Make Me Feel So Right 3:00 Scott Briggs
You Taught Me to Pray 2:54 C.J. Faris
You Taught Me To Pray – Live 4:04 C.J. Faris
Your Beauty Astounds Me 5:52 EA Matthews
Your Holy Name 0:53 Arthur Morgan
Your Light Has Come 4:38 Susanne DeGrasse
Your Love Overwhelms Me 3:40 Blesson Varghese
Your Word 1:00 Arthur Morgan